At Discovery-Based Retail our mission is to help retailers make more money. We do this by helping them concentrate on customer experience. It just makes sense, doesn't it? If your customers have better experiences they come back more often, they stay longer when they do and they tell their friends about their awesome experiences in your store!

Our company has been in business helping retailers for over seven years. We approach store design, store decor and store coaching from a two-sided perspective. As we stated customer experience is important. But when you improve customer experience while increasing a store's profitability, well then you've done something. That's our goal for each of our customers. It works, and what could be better?

We want to help you too. So let's get started. Click on the module below that best describes the way you'd like to proceed. The self-guided path will lead you to lots of free articles that will get you thinking in new directions. The I want to talk will let you fill out a form requesting a free-no-obligations visit about your business and unique situation. The schedule a tune-up will allow you to learn about our "two-day tune-up" program that has helped many retailers reach new heights of success. Whichever path you choose we're excited about you taking the first step.

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